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Installation Solutions, Inc.

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Saving Time and Money with a Comprehensive Website

One of the biggest ways that any company uses their website is to market their company to new and existing customers. When a website isn't performing this task, it's time to overhaul it and turn it into the perfect marketing machine for that business.

A Unique Challenge

Installation Solutions, Inc. needed just such a website to replace their system of emailing spreadsheets to customers. Their system was a cumbersome, time-consuming way to get customers the information they needed. Often these spreadsheets had to be emailed several times, only to have customers lose track of the last version and request them again. The website needed to be not only focus on marketing to those customers and to bring in new customers, it also needed to have a web-based reporting system that could let customers come to one place to access the information they needed.

What Accessible Computing® Did

Accessible Computing® set up a website that was focused on SEO in order to market the site to new customers. The site also has a web-based reporting system that makes it easier for existing customers to access the information they need at any time.

The new site allows customers to use a password to access their information on the site, including installation progress for the large programs that the company runs for the customers. This saves the customer time and makes accessing their information convenient and simple. It also saves time for the company, which no longer has to send out progress emails. The website does all the work and leaves the customers pleased with the easy access to their information.

Accessible Computing® also created banner ads to drive new customers to the site, a move which has resulted in plenty of traffic coming into the site and many new customers.

A Customized Solution

One of the best parts of Installation Solutions' new website is that it's a custom site that addresses the company's specific needs. Accessible Computing® worked closely with the company to determine the best features for the website. The resulting site is like no other site in the industry, and it has set Installation Solutions apart from its competition.

The Results

The newly-designed site has resulted in more clients for the company, thanks in part to the advanced technology of the website. More clients can find the company thanks to the SEO quality of the site. And once customers sign up with the company, they are happier with the service. Existing customers have been pleased with the new reporting capabilities of the site and have given plenty of positive feedback to the company about the convenience of using it.

Accessible Computing® has continued to listen to Installation Solutions, tweaking the site in response to customer feedback to make small changes to the site. This has allowed the company to be responsive to their customers and to make the site even more convenient and easy to use.

With the new website, Installation Solutions has saved money that was once spent on sending multiple documents out to customers again and again. The company's project managers can now spend their time on more important aspects of the business, such as managing all the new customers who have come in thanks to the banner ads and new website design.

If your business process has bottlenecks in the marketing, sales, or customer service areas, you're losing money. Accessible Computing® can help you make it easier than ever for your new and existing customers to do business with you. For more information on how we can help you streamline and improve your customers' experience, simply complete the Request More Information form, and we'll be in touch shortly.

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