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We Don't Call Ourselves Accessible Computing® for Nothing!

web site accessibility and usability services in charlotte, nc

While there may be some overlap, website accessibility and usability are actually two different concepts. Website accessibility generally refers to the ability of disabled Internet users to access a site's content. The term, though, is not limited to accommodations for the disabled.

Accessibility has another meaning as well in the world of website design and development. With the soaring popularity of Internet-enabled cell phones, PDAs and portable music players, accessibility has also come to mean the ability for people to view your site on devices other than a traditional computer.

Website usability refers to how easy it is for a visitor to use your website. Important usability elements include the site's layout and navigation system. The goal is to create as pleasant a user experience as possible.

Accessible Computing® is founded on the belief that every website should be accessible to and usable by as many people as possible.

Accessible Computing® strongly recommends a proactive approach to accessibility. Many website owners wait until a complaint has been brought before they take steps to become Section 508External Link Icon compliant. Assuring your website's accessibility now can save you considerable time and money later on down the road. Want to know how your site's doing with accessibility? We're here to help.

Are accessibility issues putting you at risk of legal action?

Request our free website accessibility report for a preliminary assessment of your website's accessibility.

If your website is not accessible to those with disabilities, you could be missing out on hundreds of thousands of potential customers. Not only that, websites that are not accessible are disfavored by search engines. What if accessibility is all that's standing between you and a higher ranking over your competitors?

There's no question that complying with government mandates and international standards is important. However, accessibility and usability are so much more than that. A website that is built with usability and accessibility in mind is, by its nature, more search-engine friendly.

When we design and develop your website,
accessibility and usability are automatically part of the package.

Our accessibility and usability knowledge and experience is unparalleled. When you work with Accessible Computing® for your website development and design, you will never have to give another thought to accessibility and usability. Every website we build is 100% usable and accessible. It's simply part of what we do.

Government-issued mandates are hardly known for their simplicity and straightforward language. We've been involved in website accessibility for years, and we know these guidelines inside and out. With our website usability and accessibility consulting, we break down the requirements into plain English. We show exactly what accessibility problems your site has and exactly how to fix them.

Ready to watch your search engine rankings skyrocket? Request your free consultation today to learn how accessibility and usability are affecting your search engine visibility.

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