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Is Your Website Helping... Or Hurting Your Business?

Charlotte Website Design Firm, Professional Website Usability Experts in North Carolina

On the Internet, your website serves as the ambassador of your corporate brand and image. The design and functionality of your website can either enhance or detract from that image. User-friendly navigation, captivating content and graphic design that serves a real purpose - these are all hallmarks of the ideal website.

Websites can't talk,
but they speak volumes about your business.

Design and development combine to present a professional image. When information is presented in a clear and logical manner, it sends the message that you're smart and organized. Sophisticated, coordinated graphic elements set you apart from the competition. Innovative applications and programs help you better manage data and customer information so you can provide better service.

Smooth and seamless are our two favorite words for how a website's design and development should work together. Clunky and inoperative are the two worst. Error messages - those are one thing your site visitors should never have to see. Clean code and thoroughly tested applications are the way to make sure that your visitors have a glitch-free experience.

Website Graphic Design and Redesign

The strength of your website's design and development is what determines how well it will perform both of these tasks. Often a company either excels in building websites or marketing websites, but not both. In fact, many shops do it all - but do it poorly. Accessible Computing® is the exception. Our wide range of services includes both website design and development as well as comprehensive Internet marketing.

What does that mean for you as a business owner? It means that your website will be designed and built with search engines in mind. Accessible Computing® knows that search engines like sites with simple navigation systems. Search engines favor sites that are accessible to those with disabilities. These are just a few of the factors that can make or break a website's search engine ranking.

If your website is also an online store, earning your customer's trust takes on an elevated level of importance. Accessible Computing® can develop and implement all of the ecommerce solutions you need to sell services and products online. Ecommerce solutions are all of the applications that turn a website into an online store, such as shopping carts, credit card payment processing and product catalogs.

Learn from the mistakes of other businesses.

Contact us today, and we'll reveal the top 5 biggest mistakes that business owners make with their websites.

Website Development

When Accessible Computing® designs and develops a website, we don't simply launch and go. Your website will undergo an extensive testing period where we look for, and correct, any potential problems. Even after your site goes live, Accessible Computing® is still here for you. We will continue to act as your ecommerce adviser and business consultant.

Your website is both a marketing tool and a business tool.
It can be used to simultaneously sell goods as well as attract customers.

Website Usability and Accessibility

Accessible Computing® is 100% committed to building websites that meet government and international standards of website accessibility. Accessibility is the word used to refer whether or not a website can be used by those with disabilities, particularly those with visual impairments. Accessibility is a particular specialty of ours (hence the name of our business!), and every website we build is accessible.

How accessible is your website? Find out for free!

Complete the Request More Information form, and we'll send you a free website accessibility report.

Whether it's an online store or a brochure-style information website, Accessible Computing® delivers. We'd love to count you among our many satisfied clients - let's talk about what Accessible Computing® can do for you. Use our Request for Information form to request your free phone consultation.

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