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The ideal shopping cart combines both function and design.

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Your shopping cart should blend with the look and feel of your website. Like every other element of your website, your shopping cart should reinforce and enhance your brand.

A big problem with pre-made shopping carts is the difficulty with integrating them into your current system. Customized shopping carts ensure that navigation throughout your site is consistent. A customer should not feel that they have entered a different website when they enter your online store. From homepage to checkout counter, it should be a seamless experience.

Impress your customers.

A customized shopping cart will help you stand apart from your competitors. For any given pre-made shopping cart program, there are hundreds, sometimes thousands, of websites out there using it. Customers aren't impressed when they see the same generic shopping cart over and over again.

A shopping cart branded with your business name and logo boosts your image of professionalism. Customers see it as a sign that your business is established and successful, which builds their trust in you and your products.

Don't settle for "one size fits all."

You have a vision for your business, your website and your brand. To make those visions a reality, you need to have complete control over how your products are displayed.

Plain and simple, off-the-shelf ecommerce solutions offer zero flexibility. You're extremely limited in the extent to which you can customize your shopping cart.

Accessible Computing® can customize each and every aspect of your shopping cart to your precise needs. You name the features you want, and we bring it to fruition. Your application won't be cluttered with tools you don't need and will never use. We offer a free consultation to help you get started, and all you need to do is ask.

A shopping cart does more than you might realize.

A shopping cart has three major components. There's a database that stores all of the essential information, such as customer data and product descriptions. Next is the storefront, which encompasses every page your customer views during their order process from start to finish - from your product pages to their shopping basket to the checkout page. Last is the administrative area. This is where you manage your store by performing tasks such as adding new products and processing orders.

Accessible Computing® can customize every aspect of each of these three components. You decide how you want to store and organize information. You decide how your products are displayed for your customers to see. You decide what tools you need for managing your online store. No off-the-shelf shopping cart program can offer you this level of customization.

At Accessible Computing®, we know that your business is 100% unique. We believe your shopping cart should be, too. Request more information today to learn just how easy and affordable it is to get a customized shopping cart with Accessible Computing®.

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